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   Enterprise Culture

Quality Principle: Quality is Yadong’s life, the customer is God, integrity is the fundamentality, and service is guarantee. Customer satisfaction is what we consider most important.

Management Idea: To make product just like being human, our operation relies on integrity, and the cooperation needs win-win.

Marketing concept: transfer part of interest or profit to the dealers and serve to the terminal market.

Aim: to benefit the society, make customer and the staff satisfactory, and establish a world famous brand.

Yadong Concept:
Do not give up business though it may bring little profit; Do not give up business though it is in small quantity.
Integrity strengthens the cornerstone for business development, and contributes to good credit.
Harmonious development and specialized business makes for brand, and good service creates values, and improves brand consciousness.
Be united and help each other for mutual progress.
Lustiness, passionate, active, precise, practical, and efficient.
Transfer interest to the customer, true feelings to the friends, and opportunities to Yadong.



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